Monday, January 28, 2013

Princess Weekend

My daughter's not even a year and a half and I'm starting to get seriously sucked into Disney Princess world. I didn't really want this to happen, but I can't deny that it's way fun.

It all started when my in-laws bought Eliza the Little People Princess Castle. Then we got more Princesses for it. Then we got Ariel's carriage. Then some friends of ours get their daughter the castle and we all got obsessed. Then we realized they had an Aladdin and Jasmine two pack and it was hard to find, so we were on a mission.

Well, over the weekend we found it. It was more exciting than it should have been. But Jasmine and Aladdin are from my era. I need them for my castle! ... I mean, Eliza's castle!

Then I did something even more disturbing and bought Eliza these amazingly gaudy Princess slippers. Amazingly gaudy and awesome. Things can only go downhill from here.


  1. Found you on MBC, love your blog.
    And trust me, my daughter is 17 months and I've been sucked into this world of princesses!
    I even ended up sewing her a Cinderella dress for Halloween and a prince charming costume for her brother. We ended up in first place for the costume contest!

    -Melissa Juliet