Monday, January 28, 2013

My Top Ten Baby Registry Items

Back when I put together my baby registry, it was completely overwhelming. The store gives you some enormous list of basically every baby item they carry and "suggest" that you include them on your list. Well, you can do that if you really want to, but in my opinion, half the things on those lists are unnecessary. Plus, it's really hard to determine what you're going to need when you're having your first child. Some things are better left to purchase after your baby is born and you have an idea of what their needs are.

Asking friends and family for suggestions is the way to go. Or just check out this list of my top ten registry items! I'm leaving off the biggies like strollers, car seats, cribs, etc. These are the smaller things that I didn't know I'd need so badly!

10. Bouncer. Or swing. Or both. Sometimes you just have to put your kid down to get stuff done. That's what these are for. My daughter loved her bouncer. She even slept in it at night for a couple months. It was a lifesaver for sure.

9. Pack 'n Play. Honestly, I haven't used our Pack 'n Play that much, but when I did, it was extremely necessary. It's especially handy for over night trips, or to use as a play pen once the kiddos start to be mobile.

8. Swaddle Blankets. I suggest the ones with velcro like the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle.

7. Baby Bathtub. There are a lot of options out there for baby bathtubs so you're going to have to spend some time looking at them. We had small bathroom when our daughter was first born so we got a fold up tub which worked really well for us.

6. Tiny clothes. I've found that people don't like to buy newborn size clothes because the baby grows out of them too fast. But know what sucks? When your baby is born and all their clothes are gigantic! I would suggest registering for just a few newborn size sleepers so your child has something to wear for their first month of life.

5. Sheet Savers. I didn't even really know these existed until someone gave me some. They're nice little mats that lay in the crib to catch whatever fluids might leak out of your baby while they sleep. Changing crib sheets is a major pain. These are a great time-saver.

4. Bumbo. Yes they keep getting in trouble for babies falling off of counters, but why are people putting their babies on the counter?? If you use the Bumbo as you should, it's pretty fantastic. My daughter was just dying to sit up, but she couldn't quite do it. She was so happy to be able to sit in the Bumbo. I also suggest getting the little tray attachment. My daughter ate in hers a lot when she first started solid foods.

3. Taggies. Something I did not know about babies before I had one is that they are obsessed with tags. I love these taggies. I buy them for all my friends with babies.

2. Noise Machine. I'm partial to this one because to this day I sleep with a fan on for white noise.

1. Boppy. Before I had a child, I thought the Boppy was just a huge ripoff. I still think it's way too much for what is basically just a pillow, but I can't deny that I used mine a ton and my one and a half year old daughter still sits in it to look at books. It's incredibly handy for nursing and to wrap around baby when they're starting to sit up.

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